all about Jeana Theron / Director

Jeana Theron studied Fine Arts at Wits University and started dabbling with Video Art. She then realised she wanted to direct and worked her way through the Film Industry as a creative researcher at Velocity Films. She has relentlessly studied screen writing and directing actors in order to hone in her storytelling and performance skills. This, along with her on the job training and artistic background brings a strong aesthetic style and artistic beauty to the art of filmmaking which makes her a well rounded director able to tell a story with performance, beautifully; or simply to create unique moving pictures. As a director, Theron has worked extensively in advertising. She has directed numerous campaigns for diverse companies and genres such as MTN, Jo Burg Ballet, Toyota, MSF, Nivea, Pond's, KFC, Environ, Liberty, 5 roses, DStv, Inecto, Medi Clinic and made digital content, Fashion films, music videos, doccies and webfilms.

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Scottich Leader View movie (01:00) Download
Scottich Leader View movie (01:00) Download
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Breaking Ballet N°8 Wakanda - Gold and Silver Lions 2018 View movie (02:16) Download
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